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Ways To Get Traffic From Facebook

How To Get Traffic From Facebook OK, so if you’ve been following my posts on Facebook, you may think that I’m repeating myself, saying the same things over and over again.

This is because I have to continue to produce new content for all my sites, guest posts, etc, and I often end up saying the same key points, but I try to include new things in each post.

In the past, I’ve been mostly talking about trying to rank your page on Google, because of the enormous SEO potential of Facebook.

As I’ve already gone into how to rank your Facebook page on Google and in a Facebook search in great detail, I will now talk about the other ways to get traffic from the site.

Different Ways To Pull Visitors From Facebook

I mainly focus on using Facebook Ads and social swapping sites to build my likes and then post quality content on the page to get good rankings, and a good flow of traffic from people’s news feeds.

This is the main way to approach the site in my opinion, because other methods are a bit like spam, but they do work as well if done right.

For example, you can join many relevant groups that discuss the topic, and casually slip in a link if it seems relevant and appropriate.

It has to be something of value, or the moderator of the group might just throw you out. There are groups where people just share links non-stop, but that’s a waste of time, nobody ever looks at those links, because it’s not relevant or interesting.

You can also take part in the discussion on large pages with huge traffic. For example, you can do a post or leave a comment on a page that has a title like internet marketing, and tens of thousands of likes.

To get results though, you will probably need to find less well known pages that still have a large amount of fans, but where there is more engagement and discussion going on, and quality discussion, not just spam.

You can leave a link to your page in a comment by using the @ symbol and then typing the name of your page, but do it with restraint, as most people delete them, some report it for spam, and you can get an account suspended by doing this too often.

The Best Way To Get Traffic From Facebook

Generally speaking, if you can make a profit through Facebook Ads, thinking long term, by engaging the fans you get, and also bear in mind the title of the page for SEO purposes, and rank, then that’s the way to do it.

If you have any questions, or need any help with any of these things, getting likes, running a campaign, etc, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, my email address is in the sidebar.


How To Use Yahoo Answers To Get Traffic To Your Site

How To Use Yahoo Answers To Get Traffic is a great article I wrote on Factoidz which explains how to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your site.

I also wrote another one on how to get traffic from Linked In groups. That one is a particular favorite of mine, because if you join lots of groups, and do what it says, you can quite easily get hundreds of unique views a day.

You just have to be careful to stay relevant, and not spam links in both cases. I talk more about how to get traffic in a blog post on my site which is called: How To Get Traffic From Social Media.

It’s important to make back links to your blog posts every now and then, in order to keep them fresh in the eyes of Google, and it’s also good to link out to multiple sites from a page, including some links to high quality authority sites.

I can’t be bothered doing a Google search on an authority site in this niche, but I will make a back link to a You Tube video of mine which has to do with the subject.

How to make a successful Facebook page is not really about getting traffic from social media, but getting traffic to it, by ranking your page on the first page of Google.

I’m not sure if Google can tell that all of these pages are mine or not, but by linking out to multiple sites, it probably gives the impression that I’m not just linking to my own site.

Anyway, that’s how to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic, and you might also enjoy this article which is called: Marketing Objectives For An Online Business.



I have been trying to compete for the first page of a Google search on how do you get more traffic to your site for free, and I have to tell you, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, because I have to make hundreds of quality back links to even stand a chance.

Anyway, I am doing it gradually, and I see my article climbing up the search result pages. Whether I will be able to maintain my position on the first page of a search on how do you get your more traffic to your site for free, I’m not sure.

SEO Articles: How Do You Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Site for Free?

More Targeted Traffic to Your Site for Free

Anyone can get more targeted traffic to their site for free, if they just learn what to do, and do it over and over again consistently. I have tried my best to summarize what I have learned about free traffic building methods in the article that links from this blog post on SEO Articles.