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What You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Guest post by Tricia Borren

It is clear that social media is now huge, and it is here to stay. Hundreds of millions of people spend a large amount of time every day on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and other social sites.

Business sees the potential customers that can be reached by using social media, but at the same time does not know for sure how to approach a marketing campaign. More than half of businesses in the nation are now using social media in one or more ways, but most of these companies are not using social media correctly.

The companies that are benefiting the most from social media clearly have different methods and a different approach to marketing to their fans and followers.

So What Is The Right Approach To Social Media Marketing?

There is a right way and a wrong way for a business to approach social media, although it all depends on what the product is they’re trying to sell. A recent study of over 2,000 companies using social media showed that only 12 percent thought they were using it in an effective manner.

This clearly shows that not only do companies have a problem using social media correctly, but they have no idea what they are doing wrong. One of the biggest issues with business is the inability to quantify their results.

Figuring out a way to measure return on investment is near impossible. It is easy to calculate how much money is being spent on social media, but how much revenue is being generated from it is quite difficult to estimate.

How Do You Know If You Are Making A Return On Investment?

The companies that are benefiting from social media are definitely aware of their success. They may have difficulty in putting a specific revenue number on the influence of social media marketing, but they are succeeding. What are they doing different from other companies?

Marketing analysts say that it is the way they approach this new technology. Instead of advertising to a particular audience, they are using various types of social media to have a dialogue with their customers. This is a two-way conversation in which companies listen to their customers and give their opinions as well.

This had led to product improvement and innovation seldom seen in the past. Of course, customers love to be heard and companies build up goodwill as well as brand awareness. With sites like Facebook or Twitter, you can find almost anyone or any organization in the world, and send them a message, any time you want.

Another aspect of social media marketing is that customers have become mobile. They must be reached on devices such as smartphones or tablets. This new mobile marketing is important because messages to the consumer must be formatted in a way they can access with a mobile device, and the consumer must be able to respond to a message in order to begin a dialogue with a company.

About The Author

Tricia Borren is a mother and a blogger from Southern California, who’s also an expert in mobile marketing¬†on the site she writes for: Orange Soda Marketing.¬†


How To Run A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Successful Social Media Marketing

This blog post will give you some detailed, highly effective information on how to run a social media marketing campaign successfully for your business.

The first thing you probably need to realize is that it doesn’t work for everyone, but at the same time everyone has to do it, because the social media aspect is linked to the SEO and vice versa.

There are certain things you can do to improve the rankings of your site on Google by making Facebook pages and You Tube videos and having people tweet and share your site.

There are also things you can do to help the rankings of your videos and Facebook pages by making links to them from outside those sites, provided that you chose the right title for your page or video.

One thing that always comes up for me as a mistake that people make is when they choose a title for their page that is just the name of their company, and then expect that once they make a page like that people will just somehow magically appear and like their page.

How To Get Traffic To Your Social Media Pages

People come to your page through a search for the most part, unless you are doing something else to get traffic to your page, such as using Facebook Ads.

The only other way to get people to come to your page is through word of mouth, or people clicking on a Facebook icon on your site, which means that they already heard about you, and so are not new customers.

Facebook Ads costs too much, and so if you really want to make Facebook work for you, you want to compete in a Facebook search for a keyword that is bound to have some search volume, even just on their search engine.

You can probably expect the amount of searches done on Facebook compared to Google to be at least a hundred times less, if not a thousand time less, but nevertheless, there are still people searching on Facebook, and you want to be there if they type in your keyword.

You Tube is the second largest search engine, which some people find hard to believe. You see people go to You Tube or do a video search on Google to see the videos related to their search query, because that’s what they want to watch.

So, if you are ranking number one on Google for a phrase with a search volume of a million exact match searches a month on the Google keyword tool, you are probably ranking for a phrase with a search volume of at least a hundred thousand a month on You Tube.

You have to use SEO and social media in combination with each other to get the results you’re looking for, and run a successful social media marketing campaign for your site.

Now, if you want more information on how to do this, get in touch with me through my Gravatar, or though the link to my Facebook page.

I’m an internet marketing expert with over five years experience, specialising in the field of social media marketing campaigns, and I can help you with any aspect of your campaign, if the price is right.