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Local SEO Techniques Every Small Business Should Use

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How To Get Local Traffic To Your Site

Local consumers are the bread and butter of every small business. After all, they’re the ones nearest to the company and are, therefore, easier to connect with and convert into paying customers.

To make sure your company gains visibility in your community, you’ll need to include the following techniques in your local SEO strategy:

1. Optimise your website info

The information found on your website will determine whether or not your company will rank in search engine results for certain keywords. Make sure your site’s domain name reflects the nature of your business as well as your location.

Place your company name, address and contact details not only on the homepage and Contact page, but also on all other pages of your website. It would also be a good idea to use relevant keywords in the page titles of your site.

When creating your About page, make it a point to specify what part of town your business is in. You might note the street name or number and the various landmarks near your office or shop. This will help add information that your customers will find useful and improve your site’s local search visibility.

2. Go mobile

Aside from optimising site content, it would also be beneficial to make your site more mobile-friendly. Various statistics have proven that consumers are more likely to search for local businesses using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

They’ve also found that mobile searches are most likely to result to higher conversions than desktop searches. Moreover, Google has been known to rank websites higher in SERPs if they are mobile-friendly.

Make sure your site’s transition to the mobile arena is smooth and successful by following Google’s tips and recommendations.

3. Secure business listings on local sites

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your local visibility is to join a business listing website in your community. Google, Bing, and other major search engines always go through these sites to get a deeper understanding of the local web and the businesses involved in it.

If your company isn’t listed, you’re not likely to rank well in SERPs. Make sure you choose a listing website that caters to your specific location.

4. Obtain citations

Every time a person mentions your company or products and services online, your authority slowly builds up. Google recognises these mentions – more popularly known as citations – and uses them to determine how relevant and active your business is in a certain location.

The more citations you get, the higher your search ranking is likely to be. Citations can be in the form of listings in online directories, mentions in a customer’s blog, product reviews, and social media comments.

5. Develop an appropriate link strategy

Links to and from your website are crucial to your business’ online visibility. They serve as online votes that show search engines how authentic and credible your company is. Make sure you only link to good quality websites that are relevant to your content as well as to your business.

Be consistent with sharing links to your website on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Also, make sure your back links are of good quality to avoid spam penalties from search engines.

6. Reach out through social media

Social media not only allows you to promote your brand in a large scale, but also enables you to communicate directly with your customers in real time.

Take advantage of this opportunity by creating a profile in social media sites that your target consumers prefer. Post messages regularly and reply to any comments, tweets, or posts from your followers.

Of course, make sure your posts contain words and phrases that are relevant to your business as well as your location.

Although these tips are among the most effective ways to boost your local SEO results, they’re not the only techniques you can use. The trick is in finding the right strategies that will fit your company’s unique needs and goals.

Think outside the box and test out different SEO methods. Before you know it, you’ll be able to develop a strategy that’s perfect for your small business.

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