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How, Why and Where To Buy Cheap Facebook Page Likes

Update On How To Buy Cheap Facebook Likes

This is an update on a blog post I did probably years ago now, just as a way to make a quick link to one of my articles on Triond.

I don’t really know why I’m placing a link to my most important new site on this old blog post that was just made to bookmark that page which was itself a back link, but I guess if I want to give this site any value, I have to update all my old blog posts, and make them fresh and worth having on this site.

I’m not even sure I know what’s on the first link I’ve made here, but I assume that it leads to a page which then leads to my site, which coincidentally links to my new site, so it should be worth doing updating this old blog post.

These days, you have to go back and update your posts and give them more text so that they still have any power at all.

This post will still probably not even see the light of day, so I don’t even expect anyone to be reading this, but if you are, get in contact with me via my email address in the sidebar, or via the second link on this page.

Original post about cheap Facebook likes:

Where to Go to Buy Cheap Facebook Page Likes is the place to go if you want to know where to buy Facebook likes. It doesn’t lead you there directly, but it will tell you a lot about the system, and the how and why behind getting cheap random likes.

For example, it tells you that you probably aren’t going to want to buy likes if you want traffic to your posts from those people, but those people can help your page do better in a search, and also give people a sense of confidence when they find your page, so that you get targeted likes.

It’s important to distinguish between real likes and random likes, because the random likes will probably not get you a lot of traffic on their own, but they will help you rank higher in a Facebook and Google search, and they will also give your page credibility to anyone who is thinking of liking it, once they see it.

Anyway, that’s about enough for this blog post, I suggest you click on the link at the top if you want to find out more about how, why, where, and who to talk to when it comes to buying cheap Facebook page likes, or alternatively, you can just send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com.


How To Make Custom Facebook Welcome Page Tabs

Custom Facebook Welcome Page Tabs is an article I wrote on Triond, advertising my services for making custom Facebook welcome page tabs.

I can make you a custom Facebook welcome page with video, photos, payment buttons, opt-in forms, whatever you want! I can even design a mini-site where people can navigate through different pages without ever leaving the page.

Think about how popular a Facebook page might be if it contained a whole site that was as fun as a real site. To get a lot of likes on Facebook, you either have to buy them, or earn them, by making viral content that either gives away free stuff, good information, or entertainment.

It’s important to remember that Facebook is the site where most people spend most of their time online. Google gets more visits, but people only stay for a fifth of the amount of time.

How To Make Custom Facebook Welcome Page Tabs

Why Do You Need A Custom Facebook Welcome Page?

Everyone does everything on Facebook, and some of the pages are showing up highly in search results. For example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is on the first page of that Google search, and it’s beating the home page of my site for the same search.

Probably one of the greatest benefits of having a good custom Facebook welcome page is being able to send people there from Facebook Ads.

Then, you can get them to like your page to get something, or they can buy directly from the page. You can construct the page however you want, and have all the same sorts of things that on your website.

I explain more about how to make custom Facebook welcome page tabs in the attached article, but if you want me to do it for you, just go to Facebook Welcome Page on Professional Social Promotion, or send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com

How To Create A Self-Hosted Facebook Welcome Page

How To Create A Facebook Welcome Page that is hosted on your server? Read the article to find out more. It’s a very long, technical process, and the Factoidz article I just gave you the link to covers it all pretty well.

From writing out the code in html, to uploading the html file to your server, to giving the http and https address to Facebook in the Developers section, to using the right add-to-page dialog in order to add the app to your page.

It’s quite technical to get a Facebook welcome page that has video, photos, text, and even PayPal buttons, but it can be done, or you can hire me to do it, starting at only fifty dollars. Read the article to find links to my site, if you want me to build you a self-hosted, custom Facebook welcome page.