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How To Buy Cheap Facebook LIkes

The place to go to buy cheap Facebook likes is Professional Social Promotion, professionalsocialpromotion.com or my other site is buyfacebookfansonline.net.

There you can buy 250 Facebook page likes for ten dollars, or 1,000 for thirty five dollars, 3,000 for a hundred, or even more for a better price.

The likes come from a popular social swapping site, which allow you to swap followers for likes or You Tube views, Google Plus followers, Twitter followers, etc.

You can copy those urls, or just send me a message at rowancasey@bigpond.com and ask me for some advice on what the best marketing strategy for your site is, and then I’ll send you the link to the site to make a payment if you plan to buy something.

It takes a long time of doing actions like that to get the amount of points needed to get two hundred and fifty Facebook likes, and if you pay for points on that site, it costs at least three times as much as what I’m offering.

I also sell Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, You Tube views, and Pinterest followers. I can make you a You Tube video, or make a custom tab on your Facebook page as a landing page for ads.

I can help you with SEO, get hundreds of people to share your site on Facebook, or tweet it, comment on your You Tube video etc.

I can manage an advertising campaign for you, or just give you top quality advice on how to succeed online advertising and promoting your product.

What Do People Want The Most?

The Facebook page likes are the number one seller on the site, and that’s because they work very well for ranking a page in a Facebook search.

If you don’t know much about search engine optimization, you have to use it on Facebook as well, not just Google, and a Facebook page can rank on Google if you do the right things.

My Facebook pages are actually outranking my site for the same keywords, and I did that on purpose because I want people to see that I can rank Facebook pages highly on Google.

You have to do some keyword research to get an idea of what title you should give your page, so that it gets to the top of either a Facebook or Google search easily.

By linking some pages together on Facebook, making some back links to them from outside of Facebook, and getting a ton of random likes, you can quite easily rank a Facebook page on Google, and some people forget that Facebook is a search engine itself.

People are often typing in phrases in a Facebook search to see what is popular amongst the Facebook community in that topic.

It’s a very good idea to be active on the largest sites in the world, and depending on the niche, there is often very little competition on these sites, so you can get to the top of a search quite easily.

Again, the site to buy Facebook page likes is Professional Social Promotion, and if you want to get in contact to talk about pricing, or other options for the marketing and promotion of your site, my email address is rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com.

Have a look at the video above to see how to do social media marketing on Facebook, and remember that my site is the best place to go to buy cheap Facebook likes, real ones, not computer generated fake accounts.

How To Buy Facebook Likes

Should You Buy Random Facebook Likes?

How To Buy Facebook Likes

There is no truly guaranteed source of likes, but I can say with some certainty that if you buy through me, you will get the most reliable, most trustworthy source of real random likes, from a large social swapping site.

If you’re interested in guaranteed Facebook fans, give me a bell, my email is in the sidebar, or visit the link I just gave you to learn more about why my likes are better than the competition, and why you would benefit from buying likes at all, because some people don’t even know why they need likes to begin with.

The question is, should you buy random Facebook likes, or should you try to get them from a more targeted audience? Let’s have a look at one scenario.

A person has a website that gets around a hundred unique views a day. They have a widget on their website where once every ten thousand people, somebody likes the page, and then one out of a thousand of those will ever even click on a link that is posted to the wall, even if it appears right up the top of their newsfeed.

It would really depend on how much the person who liked the page wanted to know about the subject of the page they were liking, as to whether they would continue to engage with the brand.

Some would try to get in contact with people who shared the same interests on Facebook, by visiting groups, and asking that people like their page, but even that technique is rather spammy in my opinion.

The best way to get targeted likes for a Facebook page is to have it ranking in a popular Facebook search, and of course on Google as well if at all possible.

It is possible to rank Facebook pages on Google quite easily for low to medium competition searches, and as long as there isn’t much competition on Facebook, all you really need is a huge amount of random Facebook likes.

I explain more thoroughly how to rank a Facebook page on Google in another article, but let’s just say it’s the usual SEO methods such as making high quality back links from outside Facebook, plus lots of cross links within Facebook.

That’s what random likes are, and you can get the likes by following one of these links to Professional Social Promotion, (it might require two clicks), or you can get in touch with me to talk about a social media marketing plan at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com.

How, Why and Where To Buy Cheap Facebook Page Likes

Update On How To Buy Cheap Facebook Likes

This is an update on a blog post I did probably years ago now, just as a way to make a quick link to one of my articles on Triond.

I don’t really know why I’m placing a link to my most important new site on this old blog post that was just made to bookmark that page which was itself a back link, but I guess if I want to give this site any value, I have to update all my old blog posts, and make them fresh and worth having on this site.

I’m not even sure I know what’s on the first link I’ve made here, but I assume that it leads to a page which then leads to my site, which coincidentally links to my new site, so it should be worth doing updating this old blog post.

These days, you have to go back and update your posts and give them more text so that they still have any power at all.

This post will still probably not even see the light of day, so I don’t even expect anyone to be reading this, but if you are, get in contact with me via my email address in the sidebar, or via the second link on this page.

Original post about cheap Facebook likes:

Where to Go to Buy Cheap Facebook Page Likes┬áis the place to go if you want to know where to buy Facebook likes. It doesn’t lead you there directly, but it will tell you a lot about the system, and the how and why behind getting cheap random likes.

For example, it tells you that you probably aren’t going to want to buy likes if you want traffic to your posts from those people, but those people can help your page do better in a search, and also give people a sense of confidence when they find your page, so that you get targeted likes.

It’s important to distinguish between real likes and random likes, because the random likes will probably not get you a lot of traffic on their own, but they will help you rank higher in a Facebook and Google search, and they will also give your page credibility to anyone who is thinking of liking it, once they see it.

Anyway, that’s about enough for this blog post, I suggest you click on the link at the top if you want to find out more about how, why, where, and who to talk to when it comes to buying cheap Facebook page likes, or alternatively, you can just send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com.