SEO For Social Media Pages

SEO for social media OK, so this page will explain how to do SEO on your social media pages. Let me start out by saying that you have a very good chance of ranking for any phrase on Google with a Facebook page or You Tube video.

If you give your Twitter profile the right name, and get the right username, that has a very good chance of ranking as well, all you need are hundreds of thousands of followers, which are not that hard to obtain.

The reason why a social media page has such good SEO is that Google wants to see these pages rank highly.

Social media is the new SEO, everyone who is anyone has a Facebook page these days, and a Twitter profile, and this is becoming the number one way that people get in contact with big name celebrities or companies.

These sites have huge authority, they are the biggest sites in the world, so it’s just a matter of convincing Google that your page is of primary importance on these huge sites.

How To Rank Your Facebook Page On Google

I already wrote a page that explains everything you know about SEO for Facebook, so I would suggest you take a look at that.

I can’t say I’m an expert in You Tube, so here’s a page that explains how to do SEO for You Tube videos that I found in a Google search in the first position.

Basically, you have to use all the same link building practices that you would use normally, which these days involves writing long, original, high quality articles and posts on authority sites.

Then, you also have to show the specific social signals that exist on the site you’re trying to rank a page on.

For example, you need tons of likes if you’re on Facebook, and not just likes but engagement from your fans, and you need the same thing on You Tube, where the bounce rate is specifically important.

What that means is that people have to genuinely watch your video all the way through, and comment on it in a meaningful way.

They have to share it with their social connections, there are so many different algorithms to consider, but what it all boils down to is that they are looking for the real, high quality pages that people really want to see.

It’s just common sense what that means. Think about everything that you would likely see on the Facebook page of a popular band, or on a You Tube video that went viral.

Tons of likes, tons of back links, tons of views, tons of comments, shares, embedding of the video, all of that.

It can be quite hard to imitate all of these things, but here’s the thing. If you do an even half decent job of making it look like a celebrity page, or big viral video, then it will rank, and rank easier than any other type of site you can make.

Some would say that it’s better to have a proper site ranking for a less popular search than to have a Facebook page ranking for a huge search.

Not really true, it depends on the click-through rate, and the rate at which people like the page. Once somebody likes your Facebook page, you have them following your post from their dashboard on a fairly permanent basis.

Sure, some people do unlike pages, but it’s a very rare thing if they haven’t hit the 5,000 like limit.

So, if you can manage to rank your Facebook page for a phrase that has a good exact match search volume on the Google keyword tool, then you’re bound to get some hits to your site, and hopefully some likes as well.

If you need any help with doing SEO for your social media pages, or you just want to buy some likes or followers, send me a message, my email address is in the sidebar.


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