How To Buy Facebook Likes

How To Buy Facebook LikesObviously everyone in the world who is anyone is on Facebook these days, and the site is still growing.

It’s really easy to buy Facebook fans, and this page will explain why you should, and why you should buy them from me.

As the older generation die out, and the entire world moves online, Facebook is going to be still one of the main places that people go to socialize and hang out, play games and do business for many years to come, perhaps permanently.

Facebook pages are the place that businesses try to engage with their customers, and if they’re doing it right, it’s where they find new customers.

People make a lot of mistakes when they make a Facebook page, and the first mistake is forgetting that it’s a regular web page, public on Google, on the biggest PR 9 authority site in the world.

They forget to choose a keyword phrase for the title with a good exact match search volume, and it makes a big difference if you’re going to be publishing there regularly, and making back links to it from all over the place to choose a title that will drive traffic if it ranks, which it probably will, if you do the right things.

SEO For Your Facebook Page

What you need to do in order to get your Facebook page to rank for a popular search is number one to get the right exact match title, and if you missed that point, and got the wrong username, you might as well throw the whole page out.

Seriously, if you’re not paying for Facebook Ads, the only way your Facebook page attracts customers to your site is if you can somehow convince the customers you have to sign up to your Facebook page in the hope that they will see one of your wall posts, get reminded of how good your products were, and come back to your site.

This may be beneficial for some people, but it is so much better to use your Facebook page to attract new customers, which you can only do by ranking on Google.

Apart from building back links to your page from the regular article writing and blog sites, you also need to get a few cross links on Facebook.

You can do this by making other similar pages which you will also need to choose keyword titles for, and update regularly with all of the back links that you are making to your site and to the back links to the back links to your site and to your Facebook page and You Tube videos etc.

Then, by using Facebook as that page, you like your main page with the new one, and you have a permanent do follow high page rank cross link on the largest site in the world.

This tells Google that your page is important on Facebook, the most important site in the world, and so it ranks highly.

The other way to get lots of random and irrelevant cross links in terms of keyword relevance is to get tons of random or even fake likes.

This makes you look popular to your customers, to Facebook, and to Google, and it does make you rank higher.

If you want to buy Facebook likes, I can help you with that, just follow the link I just gave, and I will get you real random likes from active users who are liking your page for points on a social swapping site in return for their own likes.

The other option is I can get you fake likes for about half the price, but only if you say that that is what you want, as I do my best to provide real likes, not computer generated accounts, unless the situation calls for sheer volume, and the engagement is not important.

Take a read of this page called should you buy Facebook likes? It should answer any remaining questions you have about how, when and why you should get Facebook fans and Twitter followers.


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