How To Build Twitter Followers

This article gives step by step tips on how to build your Twitter following quickly, and easily. It’s easier than a lot of people think to get tens of thousands of followers who actually look at your tweets, but you have to understand how it all works.

Are you a follower of Twitter? As of July 1, 2012, this popular social system has reached its one-half a billion mark, with approximately 517 million worldwide accounts and a total of 141.8 million American users. You are surely one among the millions of people on the site, and now the next step is to know how to get more Twitter followers.

As an online network and microblogging service, Twitter enables users to transmit and receive messages, called tweets which contains up to 140 characters.

This is an easy way to connect with family, friends, family and co–workers by exchanging quick, brief and frequent messages.Tweets are posted under your profile, transmitted to your followers, and are found on Twitter search.

Create an account and start looking for people by using their names or user’s name; gaining new friends from other networks and even inviting friends through email. If you know how to get more twitter followers, you will widen your circle.

Tips to increase your Twitter followers

1. Upload an attractive photo in your Twitter profile; since most people prefer to choose nice faces and not just a name or description.

2. Include an interesting bio about yourself – who you are and what you do. Twitter requires users to include: username, complete name and a short biography.

3. Create a strong Twitter presence- this can be done by displaying easy-to-follow links in your account, blog, business card or website.

4. Sharing resources with others- With interesting and informative contents, there will be many visitors on your webpage and becoming your follower later.

5. Post moderately – do it often but do not flood your followers with contents. Ideal post numbers are from 8 to 10 at a time.

6.  Post short contents making it easy for others to retweet.  People hate episodic tweets and will not want to retweet them.

7. Respond to others publicly as those who will read the message will be your followers.

8. Search for followers in your industry by using specific keywords in your bio. When you befriend them, they will introduce you to their followers; thus you are helping each other gain followers.

9. Always be kind and considerate in linking and retweeting others. Twitter implements a culture of sharing.

10. Keep being cautious in promoting your blog posts, products, etc. on Twitter.  If you are not careful; you are like a spammer. You will no longer get more followers and eventually wear out what you have.

Quality Followers Versus Quantity

Number is not everything. Follow these tips and you will know how to get more twitter followers. There is such as a thing as doing it slowly but surely, but this does take you a long time to do, and most people don’t have the patience to try to get targeted followers.

The other way to get followers is to use sites like Twiends, (my favorite), and also You Like Hits, Add Me Fast, and many others.

From what I can tell, the quality goes in that order, and most of the other sites haven’t got enough people on them to bother joining.

If you’re going to do it that way, you need tens of thousands of followers, which can take a long time, or cost a lot of money to get, but it is worth it over the long run, so long as the things you tweet are somewhat relevant to ordinary people.

A Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers can easily generate hundreds of unique views a day, if you tweet often, and if you tweet things that interest regular people enough for them to click on it.


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