What I’ve Learned In Six Years Of Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingI haven’t done a blog post on this site for a few months, so I thought it was about time to update this blog with some helpful information.

The reasons for me wanting to do that are simple, the more often I update the blog, the more likely I am to get traffic from this post, and also the rankings for this whole site will improve, as long as I continually update it with fresh, relevant content.

Google looks at many factors when determining what to show in their search results, but one of the main factors these days is that the information is up to date, in other words the page was created recently, and also that the site it was on gets updated regularly as a matter of course, or otherwise they might see it as an abandoned site.

The History of Google

There used to be literally billions of spam sites out there, created for no other reason than to make a back link to a site someone was trying to rank for a competitive phrase, as in the past, Google simply looked at the volume or quantity of back links, and not the quality.

These days, most back links are disregarded completely, and links made from sites that have been identified as content farms or link farms may actually damage your rankings.

Some people have even tried to use these new back link algorithms to do reverse SEO on their competitors! Not that I’m recommending you do that, (because it’s seen as cheating in a bad way), but here’s how you’d do it.

Let’s say there were five sites ahead of you in a search, you might pay some idiot who still has a Fiverr gig for a thousand back links for five dollars, to build links to each of those sites, and if they truly were punished sites that the back links came from, then the top ranking competitors on any given search should fall back to about the ninth page, which is what happened when one of my clients bought a bunch of spam links without my knowledge.

You can apparently fix bad links made to your site by disavowing them in the Google disavow tool, but I have never been able to return my client’s site to the first page again, since it got the slap from Google for the spam links. The damage is sometimes permanent.

The New Focus On Social Media Pages

Social Media Marketing TechniquesAnother change I’ve noticed with these new Google algorithms, (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc), is that social media pages tend to do a lot better in the rankings than they used to.

Particularly Google Plus local business pages, they’re almost always on the first page for job titles.

Facebook pages and You Tube videos are a great way to rank for worldwide phrases, and Twitter is probably more a way for people who already know who you are to keep up to date with your latest announcement, blog posts, etc.

It really is easier to rank a Facebook page on Google, and I heard somewhere that a You Tube video is about ten times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than any other type of web page.

Making A Website

I like blogging on sites like Blogger and even wordpress.com, Weebly, and other free site builders, although if I’m serious about making a site, I’ll buy a domain for it, and maybe also do a self-hosted WordPress installation.

To do that, you get a hosting package first, perhaps with Host Gator, they’re my favorite hosting company, you buy a domain name, either on Go Daddy, or through Host Gator as well, and you use an FTP client like Fantastico Deluxe to install WordPress software from WordPress.org, (as opposed to WordPress.com), and then you have your /wp-admin screen.

There are many plugins like the All In One SEO pack that you might want to install, for social buttons I use the Add This plugin. If you had made your site on WordPress.com you would not have the option of adding the same plugins. This blog is on wordpress.com and I have noticed that it doesn’t rank as well as my self-hosted sites.

Finding The Right Product

OK, so you have a site, I probably should have talked about something really important first, which is working out a product to sell.

My view is that you want to be able to make a profit from pay per click advertising. You want a high profit margin or average return billing amount, so that you can afford the cost per click of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and perhaps other advertising companies like Yahoo and Bing, pof.com ads, Linked In Ads, etc.

It’s not hard to get yourself in front of the right type of person, for around a dollar give or take, and if you make a profit of fifty dollars and have a 10% conversion rate, then you make four dollars for every one you spend.

This is where a lot of people go wrong when thinking about something to sell. I recently started being an Amazon seller, as opposed to an Amazon affiliate, which I used to be.

I chose a product which wasn’t quite right, touch pens in a pack of 3 for $14.95, when there were other people selling the exact same pen for less than half the price.

You see, after all of the charges from Amazon, I only make about half of that amount, so seven dollars, and in order to make a profit from pay per click ads, I would have to have a conversion rate of 20%, or one in every five dollars I spent would have to turn into a sale, in order for me to make two dollars profit.

The way Amazon works, if I get a bunch of good reviews and a good conversion rate, and my title and tags are close to the searches people are doing, then I rank highly on those searches, so it is possible that I will get a whole bunch of free traffic as well as paid, because it might not be possible to get a 20% conversion rate.

The average conversion rate would be more like 5%, and it could even be a lot lower than that, depending on how well the product appeals to the visitors to the sales page.

The Importance of Keywords

KeywordsYou have to consider the titles for each page you make online, as though you were someone typing in a query into Google, trying to find the same product or information.

Same with the ads, the wording of the ads is very important, as you only want those people who are likely to buy to be clicking on your ad.

If you are really lucky, (or skilled), you might be able to make a page that is so funny, entertaining, bizarre, etc, that it goes viral through word of mouth, people sharing with their friends online.

I’ve never been one of the lucky ones myself with that, and I mostly stick to the tried and tested SEO, SMO, and PPC techniques that I’ve figured out work for me, (and my clients), over the last six years.

Get In Touch

If you need any help with what you’re doing, get in touch with me, as I offer all of the things talked about here and more, as services to my clients. Email me at rowancasey@bigpond.com if you want to learn more.