What Promotional Items Can Do for Your Brand and Bottom Line

Promotional Gear

Guest Post By Brianna Flierl

The use of promotional items, when identified, branded and distributed correctly, offers many excellent and notable benefits for brands and their bottom lines.

Create long term brand awareness

Quality promotional items are generally kept for long periods of time which creates long term brand awareness.

This is a reason in itself not to skimp on the quality of the promotional products you brand and distribute – not to mention select wisely – so that they are kept for long periods of time.

The longer a promotional item is kept the more brand awareness it generates.

Provide cost effective promotion

Advertising, even digital advertising, which although increasingly affordable, is simply not as cost effective as using promotional items.

By utilising well-selected, quality promotional items, small businesses are able to level the playing field with larger businesses and their larger advertising budgets.

Improve customer opinions of your brand

A common trend identified through research and surveys is that giving promotional items to customers improves their opinions of brands – everyone loves to get something for free.

This works on so many levels, including creating long term brand awareness and customer loyalty.

A wide selection of promotional items to consider

Businesses are spoiled for choice with regard to promotional items to brand and distribute to their customer base.

As that’s so, there’s no reason to brand and give out ‘ordinary’ promotional items, though having said that, branded promotional pens are still among the most effective promotional items it’s possible to give, so don’t turn your back on tradition just yet.

However, don’t be afraid to be creative with the promotional items you give out – a little creativity goes a long way and helps your brand and business to stand out.

Excellent cost per impression benefits

Promotional items can offer excellent ROI (Return on Investment) when compared to advertising, in part because of perceived brand endorsement and the creation of long term brand awareness, though this naturally requires the business to go about branding promotional items the right way.

This would involve researching their target audience so as to understand which promotional items would be most favourable to brand and distribute.

The opportunity to introduce new products to your market
Admittedly, this isn’t a promotional activity that all businesses can engage in, though if at all feasible, give out one of your new products to your loyal customer base with the intention of ascertaining their impression of the product.

This is a great way to gain invaluable insights into customer responses before releasing the product on the market.

Gain a competitive edge

If you do your research into your target audience so as to identify promotional items that will really appeal to your intended customer base then you’re well on the way to gaining a competitive edge over other businesses.

By giving out branded promotional items that really stand out and make an impression, you’re opening a direct line of communication with your intended audience and you’ll find that they’re more interested in your business and what you have to say.

Increase sales

The point to branding and distributing promotional items is to increase sales, and provided you do your homework and allocate an adequate budget so as to procure quality promotional items – poor quality items won’t further long term brand awareness and often have the effect of creating a negative impression of the business in the minds of both current and prospective customers – that’s precisely what you’ll do.

With such a wide array of benefits afforded to businesses that use promotional items effectively, what are you waiting for?

Author Bio:

Brianna Flierl is a freelance writer for Dynamic Gift, a reputable manufacturer of a large selection of promotional pens, notepads, glassware, and other products in Australia. A business aiming to give the lowest prices without compromising on quality.