Making Facebook Pages To Promote Your Posts

How To Make Facebook Pages

Note: this article was originally published about three or four years ago now on HubPages, and I’m using most of the text here as some extra content for this site.

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The Original Article

First, you need to figure out a category of posts or pages from your site you want to advertise on a Facebook page.

The articles should be linked together by the keywords in the title or article body. For example, I have written many articles on writing articles, so I have made a few Facebook pages that advertise those.

I have made names for my Facebook pages like: Article writing, etc, and I paste onto the page the articles which most relate to the keywords in those titles.

Keywords are just as important in getting your Facebook pages on the first page of a Google search, as they are for the pages on your site.

If you just make one Facebook page, with all of your articles about different subjects on the one page, Google will not rate it very highly, because the keywords are all over the place.

How To Make Your Page On Facebook


To start with, you click on Advertising on the bottom right of the screen, and then click on pages, and make a page. You will want to pick a title that will get a lot of traffic on Google, and one that has an ability to compete with what is out there already.

Choose a category for your page, such as writer, or local business, and then you are ready to start constructing your page.

Choose a photo, and start posting the URLs for your articles on the wall. They will automatically display the meta description that Google show, or that your paid article writing site has given it, and you should delete the URL address, and either replace it with a keyword rich description of your article, or leave it blank.

Once you have a few articles that fit with the keywords of your title, you will want to put more keyword rich text in every part of the page, or make custom tabs with content.

Start with the info box, and write a long description of your page, using as many keywords, and complimentary keywords as you can.

Make a photo album, and fill the captions up with keyword rich text. You can also get more than one Facebook account, and fill up the fan section of the wall with keyword rich text as well.

Then there is the notes section, and links section, but I don’t use those. Just cover the page with as much keyword rich text as you can, and then, make another Facebook page, and do the same there, with a different title or keyword category.

Then you link the second one to the first one, by clicking on add to my page’s favorites, on the first page, and then you have an incoming link to boost the Google rating of the first page.

How Long Should You Spend Making Different Pages?


You will want to spend quite a long time on making Facebook pages, once you have a significant amount of articles that fall into individual keyword categories, as the link weight, and advertising potential of Facebook is quite substantial.

My Facebook pages are doing quite well in a search on their individual titles, and I believe that in the future, much of what appears in a Google search on any particular subject will be Facebook pages.

Facebook going public on Google was one of the biggest changes to happen online in the last few years, because it provided a quick and easy way for anyone to get on the first page of a Google search for most subjects.

Even big bands and companies are spending a lot of time on their Facebook pages these days, because they know that there is a lot of potential in them.

So keep writing articles, and post them on the Facebook pages that best reflect the keywords of the content and title. Make as many as you like, and try to get lots of friends on Facebook to become fans of your page.

Make lots of links to your Facebook pages, because the link weight will transfer to your articles, even though links from Facebook are no follow, as well as giving a better Google rating for your Facebook page.

This is in itself a great advertisement for your articles. Just keep working, as persistence is the only real way to make some money from writing online.