How To Use Social Media To Rank On Google Easily

How To Use Social Media For SEOThere are two ways that social media can help your rankings:

One is that you can rank your website higher by having multiple links from social media pages and shares pointing at your site.

This has a small but noticeable effect, although the links from Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are no follow.

The other is the social media pages themselves can rank highly on google. There is no faster and easier way to rank for any keyword phrase than by using a Google Plus page, a Facebook page, or a You Tube video, and doing the right things to optimize it.

I wrote a really long and informative article on my other site about how to rank on Google easily with your Facebook pages and Google Plus pages, but I will also explain the same things here.

How To Rank Your Social Media Pages

How Easy Is It To Rank Your Social Pages On Google?

The huge authority of sites like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and now Google Plus makes it very easy to get high rankings with hardly any back links, so long as you have great content, and good internal linking within those sites.

The easiest way to get internal or cross links inside of those sites is to get real likes and followers, make other pages that link back to it, comment, get post shares and photo shares, etc.

It’s not a good idea to buy fake fans, but you can use a social swapping site to get cheap connections quickly, or you can run a Facebook Ads campaign, and choose countries like the Philippines to get a better price.

I can handle that for you if you want, right from the start. I do keyword research to find the right title, I design the page with an attractive cover photo, add apps, get likes or run an ad campaign, then I make other pages and link them together.

I can get post shares, photo shares, page shares, and comment using the @ symbol on relevant pages, and then I make high quality back links by writing articles and publishing them on sites like Ezine.

The results speak for themselves, I am ranking first on the first page for many phrases, such as affordable social media marketing services, as I explain in this press release on the SEO potential of social media.

I can make you a Google Plus page, although I usually prefer to just advise people on the making of Google Plus profiles and pages, because that site is fairly strict on everything being done according to the book, and I don’t like logging in and out of different Google Plus accounts.

These pages work the best for local searches, for example if you are teaching guitar lessons, you can make one of them, and rank for that phrase in the immediate local area, whenever someone types in that phrase.

They work so well locally, there is practically no other way to get to the top of those searches. If you are trying to beat dozens of competitors in your city, you can add followers, get people to post reviews, add lots of quality content, and maybe make back links as well if you need it.

The links coming from Google Plus are do follow, which means they have more SEO benefit in theory than a link from Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube, but then it’s not about the benefit it has to rank your site, it’s about ranking the Google Local page 100 times easier for the search.

Is It Still Worth Making A Website?

Social Media Versus Making A WebsiteYes, it’s still worth making your own website, but you don’t really need one if you’re a small business and you have a presence on social media sites.

You can set up a Facebook page with custom tabs that have Pay Pal buttons, or whatever you would have on your site.

I’m no longer ranking my site for affordable social media marketing services, even though it’s been around for years and has hundreds of links leading to it.

I post blog posts at least once a week, and I get traffic from random searches because of that, but I’m not ranking for any of the high competition keywords.

The reason is, it takes a lot more work or money to try to rank a website for those phrases than it does to rank the social media pages.

People feel comfortable with the look and user-friendly feel of their favourite sites, so it’s a great way to pre-sell them before they visit your site, or to do all the selling straight from Facebook.

Facebook has the most options, because you can add an app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs, which allows you to add any sort of HTML elements to a tab, like a You Tube video, payment buttons, subscription forms, photos, or whatever you need.

If this all sounds like something you’d be interested in, I can do the whole thing for you, or parts of it like just page design or video production, or I can give you coaching so you know exactly how to do it all yourself.

My email is in the sidebar, or you can click on the first link in this post to read more about the subject, and get in contact with me through the contact form on the contact page on that site.