Publishing Regularly On Your Site – How Important Is It?

Publishing regularly on your siteI have more than one site that I have to maintain, for example I’m running an SEO campaign for a client, and I have more than one site that I’m constantly updating for her.

I also have more than one site of my own that advertises my services, (which include social media marketing such as likes and followers, and general internet marketing services, coaching and advice).

It’s a constant battle to stay on top of it, writing content for all the different sites so that they seem fresh and new to Google, but it has to be done, in fact that was the main reason why my client didn’t get the rankings she was hoping for.

What Went Wrong In My First SEO Campaign

I feel that this is totally not my fault, but it’s slightly my fault in a way, as I was running the thing, and having some good success with it, until my client didn’t listen to me and made some fundamental mistakes.

I had built enough quality links to the site that it was on the first page of Google, in fact it briefly reached first on the first page for a search with almost two thousand exact match searches a month.

It was a buyer keyword, with a medium amount of competition, exactly where she needed to be, but I ran out of quality places to build links from, and my advice to her was to make more pages on the site, so I could build some links to them as well.

The more often you publish quality content on your site, the more pages you have indexed, and the amount of deep links you have in a random sort of way from varying link text and varying sites and all of that, the better you do on Google.

For Google, ranking a site that has not been updated in months is like showing a site that has been abandoned, that has nobody behind the wheel.

Many sites get created for the sole purpose of making a back link, and then they just get left there, and forgotten about.

Obviously these aren’t sites that are worthy of ranking, and not worthy of counting as a quality back link either.

It is therefore a constant battle to create quality content all over the place and on your site, on social media, on You Tube, and through publishing guest posts on relevant sites all the time.

Do You Really Have To Create Content Endlessly To Rank?

There is not a point in modern SEO where you can just “set and forget” like they used to say in the old days. Google is also very good at picking up on plugins that automatically pull content from RSS feeds and publish those for content.

Duplicate content is out, or “syndicated” as they used to call it, that’s been given a fairly heavy slap, because nobody wants a Google search with ten articles that are all the same words.

Back links are harder to get, or if you get the wrong links, it’s not just a matter of them not working, it can permanently ruin the rankings of your site.

That’s what happened with my client. She bought about a hundred spam links from the most disgusting places from this cheap “expert” on Odesk.

The number one mistake in SEO is to trust anyone who says they can give you great results for a small amount of money, in fact anyone who says they can guarantee first page results these days is often flat out lying.

Long original articles, blog posts and guest posts need to be written and published on authority sites, or the whole thing works in reverse since Panda and Penguin.

Google can also pick up on bad grammar, and punishes poorly written articles that start sentences all the time with “well” and misuse the word “the”.

This is a sure sign of a cheap Indian writer doing the work, and not to be rude or anything, but in most cases these articles are written for no other reason but to build a link, and have nothing to say.

There are people working for Google, quality checkers who go around looking at sites to try to determine if they are just garbage, because sometimes the algorithms aren’t enough to filter out the spam.

Anyway, that’s why I’m writing this long blog post on this site that I barely use at all, because I need to update it with quality content, or perceived quality to give some strength to all of the other links I’ve made from this site before.

I don’t really have anywhere specific I want to link to this time, although I did write an article on Yahoo Voices recently about how it can be a mistake to allow guest posts on your site if you don’t filter out all the spam garbage.

Have a read of that, it’s informative, and also get in contact with me if you want my help with anything online. Social media, SEO, web design, general internet marketing coaching and advice. I should be able to help, my email is