SEO Tips For Social Media Pages

SEO For Social Media

Often as a social media manager, I see people coming to me with social pages which haven’t had much thought put into them, or they just seem to have be made because the owner of that business was told they needed a Facebook page and a You Tube video, and so they made one.

The most common mistake I see is a small business who chooses the title of their Facebook page to be exactly their company name, or even just the URL of the website.

This might be a good idea if you’re a celebrity, and expect lots of people to be searching you out by name, but for most small businesses and websites, the URL or exact title of your website or company will have zero exact match searches a month worldwide on Google, and what you are actually aiming for first, is a Facebook search.

That’s what people don’t get, you have the chance with your Facebook page to rank first on the first page of a Facebook search on “internet marketing”, “social media marketing”, or “SEO”, or pretty much any other keyword you want that isn’t taken over by a celebrity.

What makes it so easy to compete for searches on Facebook? There is barely any competition in terms of people actually competing to appear at the top of Facebook searches, and it is very easy to manipulate the Edgerank algorithms, simply by getting a few thousand random likes, and likes on posts and photos.

If there are seventeen pages that are ahead of yours for a search on lawyers in New York, (as an example), and the only difference between your page and theirs is that they have more Facebook fans, and have a few more photos, and likes and comments on their photos, then that’s what you need to do to beat them.

Then, if somebody does search for a lawyer in New York on Facebook, (and it is becoming more common for people to do their searching without leaving to go to Google), then your page comes up.

There are similar metrics that determine what pages appear at the top of a You Tube search, such as the bounce rate, but due to the fact that Google own You Tube, and that it’s based on so many different factors, I wouldn’t claim to be able to tell you how to rank a You Tube video first on either a You Tube or Google search.

How To Rank A Social Media Page On Google

I wouldn’t say that I knew for certain how to guarantee rankings of a Facebook page in a Google search, but I can tell you what I’ve found works for me. The same things I talk about on Facebook could be applied to any other social media site.

The first thing you need to realize is that Facebook is a PR 9 site, and is the largest, highest authority site in the world. That doesn’t mean that each of the sub-pages of the site has that much authority, but it means that you’re starting off in a good place.

You have to get cross links as one of the main things to show that your site is one of the more important sites on Facebook. Links within Facebook itself to other pages inside the site are do follow, and many of these pages are high page rank, and that link weight passes on through those cross links.

It’s just a matter of how many of them you can get, how relevant they are, and how high a page rank they have. Sure there is not as much SEO benefit from a PR 6 do follow relevant authority link when it’s within the same domain, but that does not mean it’s not still a massively beneficial link to have.

My strategy has been to make multiple Facebook pages, and link them all together in a cross linking pyramid. I do this by using Facebook as the second page to link to the first by pressing the edit page button and clicking on the use Facebook as this page button.

Then, I have made a permanent one-way link in the likes section of the second page to the first one. By building back links and other cross links to the second page and getting thousands of random likes for it, I build up the page rank of the second page which passes on link juice to the first page and makes it look like a big important page on the largest site in the world.

When people ask me what benefit likes and followers have, this is just one of the many things that random likes and followers can do to help benefit your business: actually help you rank a page on Google for a massive search using an easy to follow formula.

The social proof and social interaction benefits of likes and followers are not to be ignored either, I get hundreds of unique views a day from my random Twitter followers, but that’s another story, for another post.

Hopefully that explained a bit about how SEO works slightly differently on social media sites. Stay tuned by liking my Facebook page or get in contact with me via my email address, (it’s in the sidebar) to get more information on how to get viral traffic from Facebook.