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Social Media StrategyGuest post by Vanessa Parks

5 Things You Should Consider When Reevaluating Your Business’ Social Media Strategy

Social media sites and users have grown over the years. This phenomenon gives way not only to connect with more people for friendship but also for business and marketing purposes.

If you have a business, you might be one of those whose attention has been caught early on. Else, you should start building your own social media profiles now and interact more with your customers and leads.

In this article, we will talk about what business leaders should consider when they reevaluate their social media strategies for their business.

How Social Media Affects Businesses

Businesses using social media have a farther reach than those using only traditional form of advertising. With these social networking sites, they can engage with their audiences through content like photos, direct messages, videos and others.

They can participate in forums of similar niches and can even connect to prospect business partners who can help their business grow further. Audience is expected to grow in number when the right strategies are used.

5 Things You Should Consider When Reevaluating Your Business’ Social Media Strategy

1. Positioning

You might have already positioned your business in the market offline. But this tends to drive to a different direction when you are online. Your position will affect how customers perceive and become aware of your brand.

With positioning comes your objective. How do you intend to use social media and what for? You should carefully and clearly plan this out and rethink ways on how you can better reinforce your brand message to help you stand out from all your competitors in the same industry.

2. Visibility

Social media can be a tool to drive more page views and visits to your website. Ultimately, you would want them to know more about your company through the contents posted on your site.

When you have greater visibility on the web through a lot of social media shares, word-of-mouth recommendations and relevant keywords matching the concerns or questions of users, your website will have a good visibility through search.

You will also have a good ranking for your participation in social media, as Google now puts weight on this

3. Reputation

Ask if you are using social media to increase the level of your reputation. You can conduct a poll among your followers and fans or ask them to answer a survey to know your performance in social media. Get their opinion on what more you can share to improve their feedback and view on your social pages.

4. Target Audience

The next thing you need to reevaluate is your target audience. Are you getting enough sales while targeting this market, or would you need to change the market you are targeting online? Some business marketers are wrong in buying a whole list of people’s email addresses to invite without having a neat target to cater their shares to.

If you did this, then consider moving onto the path of rightness—that is, to learn the interests of those people who will have greater chances of relating with your products and services. Know your competitors and who their target markets are. Maybe the reason why you are failing is because you are focusing on a completely wrong set of potential clients all along.

5. Authority

You should be the expert when viewed by people in social media. Your page must be the only go-to place for to high quality resource for news and information. This singular focus will make you become an authority. You can attract a narrow audience first before going to a wider one, if you are only starting or restarting.

Potentially, social media dives to achieving more traffic for a business’ website and give more sales conversion. Social media serves a lot of purpose, with each one aligned respectively to the business’ objective. For the most part, social media can be a way to deliver customer service as well and be a tactic to build more leads in the online community.

Author bio:

Vanessa Parks is a Freelance Systems Analyst with 5 Years of solid experience. She has been an advocate of cloud computing and collaboration for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf.