Making A Difference With The Way You Manage Your Online Business

How to manage your online business

Guest post by Reese Mae Pattison

Imagine a certain online business that has above-standard products, with good website design, with dedicated workforce, with costly launching advertisements, and enough financial resources to strike out.

But along the way, things didn’t materialize to what was expected. The business didn’t go up the charts. Why?

Starting an online business entails a lot. As the famous Steve Jobs said, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”

Planning and preparation are indeed vital. Gradual course of actions are needed to test the waters – to properly assess the potential of your business idea as a whole. Just like with a race car, it is not enough that you have a jaw-dropping design or awesome car exteriors, interiors, and accessories.

You have to take care as well of your engine to determine how fast your car goes, how much power it can generate, how reliable is it in terms of fuel efficiency, and how long can you use your car – months, one year, or a couple of years. All of this can be answered with one big factor – management.

What are the crucial factors to consider in managing your online business so as to make a significant change and a legendary online reputation? In order to win the race, consider the following:

Come up with a concrete business plan with passion.

Let me start first from the basics. Before going further, or even before starting your business operations, a business plan must be established.

It will consist of crystal clear scope and specifications of your offered products or services, specified target audience, specific business goals with corresponding activities and time frames, and sensible website or domain name.

On top of this all, you must be in-love with your business. Working with enthusiasm-fuelled dedication ensures you with a longer business life.

Have a fully functional website with a significant content – not just visually appealing but something that could keep a sound volume of fans.

Your website is your primary business storefront. Hence, it must be initially attractive to internet users. Make its design enticing, functional, and READABLE.

Ensure that anyone can easily navigate within the web pages as well. The next best thing would be its contents. CONTENTS are the main reason for a person to visit your site.

Do not simply list down your offered products or services. Provide clear specifications, images, and informative uses or benefits.

It is also wise to update your website regularly. Add fresh contents – either additional products or services, reviews, feedback to comments, or any informative post.

Have an excellent web hosting service.

Your website is your storefront, thus, choosing an excellent web hosting service is also crucial. Make sure you have a server capacity which can handle all your business information and daily transactions, especially when you’re preparing your business for expansion.

Your web host services must be both reliable and absolutely secure.  Your website must be accessible 27/7/365 and fast.

When browsing through the net, potential customers do not usually stick and wait for certain pages or applications to load; they usually cancel their current transaction and visit another website within seconds.

Comply with online business rules and regulations.

There are certain state, federal, international, or even local business rules that you have to comply with. In the online industry, cybersquatting or the buying up of domain names that already uses the name of existing businesses is one of the prohibited practices. With ecommerce, the prompt delivery rules for sellers must also be observed.

Get involved with wise advertising and marketing methodologies.

There are numerous ways to advertise you business in the cyberspace. To drive targeted traffic to your website, you may use Goggle AdWords.

It is one the best advertising solutions for any business today because of its wide reach, ease of use, and minimal cost. You may also use other online advertising networks such as FeedBurner and Bravenet Media.

Stay active online. 

Just like with health and fitness, the secret to a longer business life is by having an active business lifestyle. Regularly add fresh content to your site. This is helpful to maintain your online presence as well as to keep your viewers attached to your site.

Be user-friendly. Put some Contact Us or Comments/Discussions section where viewers can reach you and be comfortable in asking anything about your business.

Be involved with social media.

According to survey, around 90% of small entrepreneurs are engaged with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

These social media are so far the greatest source of global exposure due to its popularity and wide array of users. They could serve as wise platforms to promote business brand awareness.

In Facebook, you could also create a business page or a fan page wherein you can regularly post updates regarding your offered products or services.

Conduct e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is among the fast and least expensive ways to promote an online business. With this, you directly and specifically reach out to your customer database via electronic mail.

You could also customize your offer to specific clients to enhance your relationship and encourage customer loyalty.

Monitor your business

In simpler ways, you can manage your online activities more efficiently with the use of various tools such as Speeddash, calendar and other apps from Google, Bootstrap, and other business software solutions.

You may also use TweetDeck,, and other free tools to manage your social media accounts.

To receive a notification each time your business is being reviewed, you can register with sites such as Yelp.  Monitor your business status by searching for your own business name in search engines and know where you are listed and how does your business perform.

The online industry competition is getting tighter nowadays. To ensure the success of your online business, you have to invest time and effort in managing it properly. Be continuously dedicated to it. Talk to your business daily!

Author Bio:

Reese Mae Pattison is a marketing specialist with a solid background on the online marketing field. She has greatly learned not only technical marketing solutions but also works with self-motivation, integrity, and quality.

She also writes for – a business intelligence software solution created to help online entrepreneurs manage their online activities more efficiently