Marketing Strategies For 2013 And 2014

Marketing Strategies

My strategy for this post is simply to beat anyone else in a search on marketing strategies by putting in a time, a recent date into the title, in the hopes that it will choose me as the most recent and relevant result.

Perhaps I will capture random search traffic that has entered something to do with internet marketing along with 2013, or 2014, or some combination of all of those keyword phrases.

Just the fact that my page is new makes it potentially more likely to rank than an older page, if that page hasn’t been updated for a while.

Perhaps that older page also has outdated SEO link building techniques done on it, and is being punished for having 10,000 spam blog comments pointing at it.

Perhaps now, I have a chance to compete for some of the keyword phrases that I might never have had a chance to compete for before, even with a crappy blog like this.

This is my marketing strategy for 2013, and probably for the next year, to make an attempt to go for the searches that in the past I never would have dreamed that I’d have any chance of competing for.

I’m making multiple back links like this one to pages of mine like the one on my site which has the title of internet marketing strategies.

That’s a huge search, I looked it up and it was something like 20,000 exact match searches a month, or close to it, so it’s bound to be a little bit technical to rank for that phrase, but it’s not impossible.

I reckon that just by writing an article like this every day, or even once a week for a couple of months, I might be able to get to the point where I can rank for that phrase.

The reason being, anyone who tried to rank for that phrase seriously in the past would have been using outdated SEO techniques which are now being punished as spam, so I’m in with a good chance just by trying to do it by writing high quality original articles leading to the page.

What was the other thing, I can’t remember, oh yeah, I changed the title of the home page of my site today to social media marketing services instead of social marketing services, so I thought it might be beneficial to add that in a link somewhere, even though I’ve linked to my site before already from this domain.