SEO And Social Media Sharing

Social Sharing And SEOOK, so this post is about the benefit of social sharing on SEO. I can prove it pretty much, I just saw a page with hundreds of social shares on it and it was only written a few months ago.

It was a PR 4, and it wasn’t even a really big page on the site. The social shares from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Digg, Linked In, etc really add up.

Some of those are classified as social bookmarking sites, and some of those are classified as social media or social networking sites.

It doesn’t really matter that much, so long as they have some degree of authority in the eyes of Google.

For example they would not really value a social share on a social media site that nobody has ever heard of, that is a PR 0 or whatever.

I no longer share on My Space, simply because it takes too much time, although I probably should think about doing that, because it’s still a recognised site, even if the links are no follow, and nobody’s looking at them anyway.

It depends on whether you take the time to build up a decent following on your social accounts as to how valuable they are.

The SEO Benefit Of Social Shares

Because, social friends and followers are links back to your profile, and within the social media site itself, it’s a do follow, high page rank cross link, which means that you can rank really highly for that social page, and get a high page rank.

The page rank does not get transferred in a link from a social media site, because it is no follow, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still valuable.

Google does take into account the social signals or authority of the Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts that are sharing your pages, so it does actually play a role in ranking your site how many Twitter followers you have.

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