What Things Work In SEO In 2013

SEO tips for 2013

It’s not 2013 yet, but I thought I would get started on telling people the SEO tips for bloggers that I think will work in the coming year, a few months early.

At the moment, it’s still late 2012, and just that difference of a few months could change the way certain things are ranked.

Google has started to punish sites for unnatural looking link building methods, but the thing is, they punished a lot of big important sites that everybody liked, because they had been using those techniques which were recommended by the top SEO experts back in the day.

By those techniques, I mean things like spun or syndicated article links made by robots such as the Article Marketing Robot, and things like spam blog comments on irrelevant sites, multiple directory submission, RSS feeds turning up all over the place.

It was a bunch of nonsense, and Google should have sorted out that problem years ago.

The problem is that now if they punish those sites too harshly, (and also the newer sites which use those methods), what ends up happening is that lower quality results appear, which were created simply as back links for the main sites.

The back link algorithm is needed for Google to tell what’s a real site, and what’s not, but they have to balance that with the fact that there are billions of fake sites still being created.

It’s not that hard really, if it looks like spam, it’s spam, because Google has the algorithms now to tell a well written long blog post or article from a short, misspelled piece of garbage.

Talking of that, they not just punished the paid blog networks like Build My Rank and Buy Blog Reviews, but they also punished regular bloggers on sites like this one, and on article writing sites like Triond and Squidoo.

Ezine lost a lot of views, because they had a lot of syndicated (duplicated) content that was fed out all over the place and people only wrote there to get a back link to their site.

I never really understood why people thought Ezine was such a great place to get a back link, except that it used to be. Now, it’s just as good or even better to get a back link from Hub Pages, or Yahoo Voices.

eHow is meant to be good, (I’m not American), and Knoji is good. Info Barrel, and many others, but you arrange them all together in a link pyramid pointing back to your main site, and in a natural looking way.

If you have it set up so that it doesn’t look natural, even just the fact that it’s a perfect pyramid, or the link text is all exact match, or anything like that, then it sets off a punishment alarm, which can be magnified if you do it in a huge volume.

Google always used to say that they didn’t punish people for link building, because otherwise you could punish your competitors, but they do have that happening at the moment, and they may have to adjust their algorithms again, back to more like how they used to be.

Nobody likes spam, but the truth is, it’s completely unavoidable to get search results without lots of back links. You just have to focus on quality rather than quantity, as much as humanly possible, and the keyword there is human.

A nice page, written for humans, shared by humans, to their human friends. That’s what hopefully will work in SEO this coming 2013 year.