Different Ways To Get Twitter Followers


Here are some different ways to get more Twitter followers. You can try to follow people in your niche, and hope that they follow back, although this is very time consuming, and may not even work. 

A lot of people just ignore it when people follow them, as there are bots specifically set up to randomly follow people all over the place. 

Another way is to ask that people follow you from your blog posts, and I might ask that you follow me, on my main Twitter account: FollowerCrazy.

I got most of the followers for that account through Twiends, which is where I get most of my followers from. 

I also offer as a service on my site the clicking of the button on Twiends, and it really works, and gets you followers for a lot cheaper than you could get them by buying a seeds package on Twiends. 

I was just writing about how to get more Twitter followers, and that post on my site explains in a lot more detail how the whole process works, but it’s fairly simple. 

You pay me a few dollars an hour to click the button and follow people to get points on Twiends. I also do the job of un-following those who are not following you back after a certain amount of time. 

It only costs as low as one cent each per follower, or more if you want the connections faster. It really works, in fact Twitter is the number one source of traffic for my entire site, after two years, and that’s beating Google as a source of traffic by a long way. 

I am not doing badly on Google, in fact my site is on the first page of affordable social media marketing services, and I have lots of blog posts ranking for low competition searches, but due to the fact I get dozens of views immediately when I start sharing on social media, that is what works the best. 

If you want to find out more about the various ways to get Twitter followers, and the services I offer as a social media marketing expert, send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com, or visit the site.