Terms Of Service Rules On Social Media Sites

This blog post talks about the social media sites terms of service when it comes to buying and selling followers and likes.

These are the terms of service rules about buying social followers and likes. You can’t actually claim to be selling social media connections like Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, views, subscribers, etc, but you can get away with buying or selling points which are good for those things, or paying someone to work on a site that allows you to promote your social media profiles to those who might be interested.

It’s a legal thing, and it requires a loophole which most people don’t even bother paying any attention to. Facebook has shown that they are trying to crack down on people who are buying and selling likes, but all of the other sites just realize that it’s a losing battle, and they’ve given up trying to stop it in any way.

You see, there are thousands upon thousands of sites, (including my own), that offer the service of getting you likes and followers on all of the different social sites, and there will always be those people selling things that make a difference, so long as sites like Facebook exist.

Why is it that some harsh social media sites try to crack down on people who either offer this service, or buy it? There is no reason, and you might as well take Snoop Dogg to court for tweeting about shoe brands and bling for three thousand dollars a tweet.

It’s one of those things where the web is becoming an advertising platform that anyone can use to make money, and everyone should have that right to use their social accounts in any way they see fit.

The terms of service rules on social media sites are there to try to protect customers from spam, but it’s very simple. If you are following someone and you don’t like what they tweet or post, then you can unfollow or unlike them.