How To Buy Facebook Likes

Should You Buy Random Facebook Likes?

How To Buy Facebook Likes

There is no truly guaranteed source of likes, but I can say with some certainty that if you buy through me, you will get the most reliable, most trustworthy source of real random likes, from a large social swapping site.

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The question is, should you buy random Facebook likes, or should you try to get them from a more targeted audience? Let’s have a look at one scenario.

A person has a website that gets around a hundred unique views a day. They have a widget on their website where once every ten thousand people, somebody likes the page, and then one out of a thousand of those will ever even click on a link that is posted to the wall, even if it appears right up the top of their newsfeed.

It would really depend on how much the person who liked the page wanted to know about the subject of the page they were liking, as to whether they would continue to engage with the brand.

Some would try to get in contact with people who shared the same interests on Facebook, by visiting groups, and asking that people like their page, but even that technique is rather spammy in my opinion.

The best way to get targeted likes for a Facebook page is to have it ranking in a popular Facebook search, and of course on Google as well if at all possible.

It is possible to rank Facebook pages on Google quite easily for low to medium competition searches, and as long as there isn’t much competition on Facebook, all you really need is a huge amount of random Facebook likes.

I explain more thoroughly how to rank a Facebook page on Google in another article, but let’s just say it’s the usual SEO methods such as making high quality back links from outside Facebook, plus lots of cross links within Facebook.

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