How To Use Yahoo Answers To Get Traffic To Your Site

How To Use Yahoo Answers To Get Traffic is a great article I wrote on Factoidz which explains how to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your site.

I also wrote another one on how to get traffic from Linked In groups. That one is a particular favorite of mine, because if you join lots of groups, and do what it says, you can quite easily get hundreds of unique views a day.

You just have to be careful to stay relevant, and not spam links in both cases. I talk more about how to get traffic in a blog post on my site which is called: How To Get Traffic From Social Media.

It’s important to make back links to your blog posts every now and then, in order to keep them fresh in the eyes of Google, and it’s also good to link out to multiple sites from a page, including some links to high quality authority sites.

I can’t be bothered doing a Google search on an authority site in this niche, but I will make a back link to a You Tube video of mine which has to do with the subject.

How to make a successful Facebook page is not really about getting traffic from social media, but getting traffic to it, by ranking your page on the first page of Google.

I’m not sure if Google can tell that all of these pages are mine or not, but by linking out to multiple sites, it probably gives the impression that I’m not just linking to my own site.

Anyway, that’s how to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic, and you might also enjoy this article which is called: Marketing Objectives For An Online Business.