Social Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising

Update Two Years Later: Does SMO Still Work Better Than PPC?

Social PromotionThis blog post dates back to two years ago, when I first put this blog together as a free blog on

At the time, the only use it had was to do quick social bookmarking links for my posts and articles, but since then, it has been necessary to do more if you want to actually have any SEO benefit for your site’s pages.

SEO is more complicated and takes more effort today than it ever has and so people are always looking for alternative ways to get cheap traffic, so that they can sell their product, and make a profit.

Profit is the key word in this whole list of internet marketing related terms, if that’s not too much of a pun.

You need to make a return on investment on what you spend in the least possible amount of time, or you have to at least be able to trust that that money will come back to you over the long term.

I can say with some certainty that if your site has a widespread appeal, you can probably benefit from buying tens of thousands of random Twitter followers, so long as you take the time to tweet to them, and tweet the right things.

Over time, that will provide a return on investment, so long as the idea you had was profitable, and even if it wasn’t, you can use the same followers for your next idea. Get in contact with me if you need help managing your Twitter or Facebook accounts, my email is in the sidebar.

Comparing that to say a Facebook Ads campaign or a Google Adwords campaign is kind of pointless, as it depends more on what the competition is like for those keywords and the profitability of the product and the conversion rate of the sales page.

Nevertheless, even if your goal is to do a pay per click advertising or SEO campaign, I can also give you good advice on how to do that as well. Again, my email is in the sidebar.

You may also want to check out this site for help with marketing and promotion, and below is a blog post I wrote, the original post is as follows, written over two years ago.

The Original Post

Social Promotion Versus Pay Per Click Advertising.

Learn everything you need to know about the cheapest ways to pay for advertising your site through social promotion, or the traditional ways such as Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads.

Personally, I’d much rather pay for a two cent click, even if it was a little luke-warm in their interest, just because the traffic, and the extra social signals from the tweet can help out quite nicely, and who the hell can afford over a dollar per click on Facebook Ads?