Social Promotion for Total Beginners

Social Promotion for Beginners
This is an article on Go Articles, made mainly as a back link to my site, which is Professional Social Promotion.

I’ve recently changed the title of my site to just social promotion, because I’m trying to compete for that search.

It’s not easy to get on the first page of such a large competition keyword phrase, so I’ve changed the title, and I’ve redesigned my back linking campaign, to focus on making back links from the world social promotion as around sixty percent of the link text, then a couple of other variations still containing the keywords I’m looking for.

If I do manage to get there, it should be a really good thing, because worldwide, that’s a pretty big keyword, which is only growing in popularity, and I should get a lot of customers for my business, which is selling things like Facebook page likes, and similar things.

The site also offers free internet marketing training, if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.

From Total Beginner to Social Promotion Expert

I can teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing, from the start, like getting the right domain name through keyword research, building a professional WordPress site, and how to build traffic, and convert it into sales, not just once, but over and over again to the same people.

You need to build an email list, and build trust with them, by offering great value, and then when you try to sell a product, they trust that it will be worthwhile, and may buy from you again.

Anyway, this is only a back link to a back link, but you may want to visit the site to see what I mean, and learn about social promotion, and you won’t be a total beginner anymore.
This page can show you how to become a social promotion genius, while starting out as a total beginner.