Promoting Your Blog Through Social Media

Promoting your blog through social mediaClick on the photo to visit the main site.

Here are some basic tips on promoting your blog through social media. The first step is to make some social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube, Stumble Upon, Linked In, Yahoo Answers, and some relevant forums.

Not all of those things are classified as social networking sites by some people, but they are all social sites, where people talk to each other, and socialize.

Places where people share things, and look at things, and talk to each other, and not places which are made for spam.

It’s very important to avoid looking like a spammer when using social media to promote your blog.

The first step I would say is getting some Twitter followers through Twiends. It might cost you a thousand dollars to get all the tens of thousands of followers from there on your account, but you want them all, believe me.

No matter what it is you’re writing about, but especially if regular people would find it interesting. Then you probably want to get some Facebook friends.

If you don’t already have lots of friends on Facebook, that’s fine, just do a search for people who might have mentioned the things you’re interested in in a post they did, and friend them.

Not everyone likes being friended, but as long as you don’t send more than ten random friend requests a day, you should be fine.

Google Plus is a fairly new site, but you have to be on it, and you have to be careful to not go overboard with any spam techniques, because Google are smart.

Follow a hundred people a day by highlighting all the suggestions they give you, but before you do that, start a base of people who share your interests, and that will let Google know who to suggest to put in your circles.

On You Tube, you should always make high quality videos that people want to watch, and then share them (not spam them), with your social connections, and hope the videos go viral.

What Makes A Blog Post Go Viral On Social Media?

Viral things are things which are really funny, or really interesting, or bizarre. If you wouldn’t share your video with your friends if someone else made it, then you haven’t made a viral video, but it can still do well if it’s good.

Some people focus a lot on Google, and on keyword phrases, but these days, I just tend to write, add social connections, and share, and that usually means I do well on Google anyway.

Sometimes I need to do some serious SEO on my site in order to compete for a phrase, for example I just changed the title of the site from affordable social media marketing services to social media marketing services, because I finally realised that that search had no search volume, and I could do better.

Here’s a video which talks about more great ways to promote your business, and I’d highly recommend that you watch that for more tips.


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